Volkswagen T-Prime concept GTE

Volkswagen appears to possess previewed a slew of recent Sports utility vehicle models lately, which isn’t the conduct you’d expect from the company still involved within an pollutants-cheating scandal.

Obviously, all individuals automobiles – such as the T-Prime Concept GTE released at Auto China 2016 in Beijing – happen to be eco-friendly plug-in hybrid models, such as the road-going Golf and Passat GTE.

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Smoke and mirrors possibly, but like its forerunners and individuals two road cars, plug-in hybrid power enables the T-Prime Concept to punch above the weight.

A Couple-litre TSI gas four-cylinder sits in the centre from the system, creating 248bhp and 273lb foot of torque. An motor unit squeezed in to the housing from the 8-speed automatic transmission provides 134bhp by itself and as much torque at 258lb foot.

Combined, the 2 power sources develop 375bhp and as much as 516lb foot of system torque entirely kickdown mode, all sent via a 4Motion all-wheel drive setup.

In performance terms, and utilising the GTE mode that supplies full power from both gas engine and it is electric partner, it makes sense a 6-second -62mph some time and 139mph top speed.

For economy, assisted through the efforts of  a 14.1kWh battery power and resulting 31-mile electric range, the headline figure is 104.6mpg.

That’s when the battery is full anyway (the job of the 2h30m charge in a 7.2kW public charging point), and also the vehicle operates around the NEDC economy test. Within an unusual display of clearness, VW also lists the car’s economy in the event you flatten battery: a less impressive-sounding 35.3mpg.

As always, the ability mix could be utilized in different amounts by choosing among the three drive modes: E-Mode (electrical power only, but permitting the engine to start working having a appropriate prod around the throttle), Hybrid (self-explanatory) and also the performance-orientated GTE mode.

Like other recent VW concepts though, a lot of the T-Prime’s appeal is at its cabin, which the organization describes like a ‘mobile living space’, and like what ‘connected, progressive, personal residential environment’.

Sounds daft, but BMW’s similar ethos within the i3 led to a greatly enjoyable driving atmosphere, so we’ll contain the snark for the time being.

A lot of the interior’s functions are utilized through touch-sensitive surfaces (for example individuals around the controls spokes) or gesture and voice control. The primary instrument panel is really a 12-inch digital display and also the primary infotainment panel is 15-inches across featuring an application-based format. A few of the display’s functions could be swiped across towards the primary instrument display.

There’s approach to the color choice too, having a nod towards the culture from the concept’s host country. The outside shade is inspired through the classical element water, the leather trim by ‘earth’, interior trim accents for ‘wood’, aluminium accents for ‘metal’ and ‘fire’ within the hue of the leather piping.

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