Nissan Leaf Electric Cars Issues Recall

Nissan has released a recall for nearly 47,000 of their Leaf planet, 46,859 more specifically, the recall includes Leaf models from 2013 to 2015 and it has been released due to potential braking issues. The Leaf might encounter trouble braking in very cold temperature, and also, since braking is important towards the safety from the travellers as well as their fellow road customers, Nissan has made the decision to issue this big recall to deal with the problem.

Nissan has notified the nation’s Highway Traffic Safety Administration that to be able to fix the problem, the pc within the electronics brake booster must be reprogrammed.

The Leaf will have the ability to brake in very cold temperature however it may need much more effort. Nissan will address this problem by reprogramming the electronic brake booster within the Leaf.

The organization has stated it has formerly notified clients relating to this issue via a service campaign but understanding the seriousness of this problem it’s made the decision to upgrade it to some full recall.

Clients with affected automobiles will need to place their Leaf right into a Nissan dealer to achieve the electronic brake booster examined and reprogrammed in order to make sure that their vehicle doesn’t encounter any braking troubles in very cold temperature. It’s usually best safe than sorry, so bring your vehicle in should you possess a Leaf that’s impacted by this problem.

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