Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover Concept

A report from Autocar outlines Mitsubishi’s intend to bring their Mitsubishi eX electric concept crossover to full-scale production by 2020.

The idea debuted finally year’s Tokyo, japan auto show, packing an electrical powertrain able to around 250 miles of range. Autocar states the development eX will fight for sales using the compact crossovers, including cars such as the Nissan Juke, and will also be placed underneath the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. The vehicle is anticipated to bring along exactly the same 250 mile range because the concept.

We formerly predicted the appearance of the Mitsubishi eX captured, whenever we outlined japan automaker’s intends to expand the success it based in the Sports utility vehicle and crossover market. The eX will arrive putting on either the Outlander Sport plug-in badge or within nameplate entirely its very own. As the eX is going to be slightly smaller sized compared to Outlander Sport, the game is slated to develop in dimensions, therefore the eX might take its slot within the selection.

The development Mitsubishi eX is simply a bit of Mitsubishi’s move toward an electrified selection. The Outlander plug-in hybrid, that has been on purchase in Europe, hits dealer lots within the U.S. this spring. It will not be for sale too lengthy, with a brand new Outlander coming in 2019. The Outlander Sport is by using us until 2020, if this gets to be a redesign and develops in dimensions.

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