List Of Uk Car Tax Bands

Tax is really a legal requirement of any active vehicle within the United kingdom. The number you pay every year though relies upon which band your automobile falls into. Prices also change from year upon year, considering alterations in the banding and inflation adjustments. Which means that pricing is hard to pre-meditate and, for that price conscious, you need to be sure that your vehicle suits among the lower groups.

The tax bands within the United kingdom are based on an automobile’s pollutants. This really is calculated based on the type of vehicle that you simply own. Therefore efficient cars with smaller sized engines are usually significantly cheaper to tax their bigger, gas guzzling compatriots.

The present system incorporates 13 bands, that are summarised below and can include the costs for 2016:

Petrol car (TC48) and diesel car (TC49)

Band CO2 emission (g/km) Single 12 month payment Single 12 month payment by Direct Debit Total of 12 monthly instalments by Direct Debit Single 6 month payment Single 6 month payment by Direct Debit
A Up to 100 £0 Not available Not available Not available Not available
B 101-110 £20 £20 £21 Not available Not available
C 111-120 £30 £30 £31.50 Not available Not available
D 121-130 £110 £110 £115.50 £60.50 £57.75
E 131-140 £130 £130 £136.50 £71.50 £68.25
F 141-150 £145 £145 £152.25 £79.75 £76.13
G 151-165 £185 £185 £194.25 £101.75 £97.13
H 166-175 £210 £210 £220.50 £115.50 £110.25
I 176-185 £230 £230 £241.50 £126.50 £120.75
J 186-200 £270 £270 £283.50 £148.50 £141.75
K* 201-225 £295 £295 £309.75 £162.25 £154.88
L 226-255 £500 £500 £525.00 £275.00 £262.50
M Over 255 £515 £515 £540.75 £283.25 £270.38


Cars within the first four tax bands will also be exempt from having to pay any tax for that newbie, which will help to considerably reduce overall running costs.

As evidenced through the above chart, researching how big a car’s engine and the amount of pollutants it creates before buying might have significant knock on effects. For example, should you buy a .8litre Wise Vehicle, this could easily fit in band A. Which means that you would not need to pay any tax, anytime. Equally, the quantity of gas used could be considerably reduced as well as your insurance costs would tumble.

Cars with smaller sized engines aren’t simple for everybody though. Less power is generally only suitable for individuals automobiles which are equally diminutive, hence they don’t have a tendency to include sportier models or individuals big enough for families. However, using these obvious guideline as well as an growing visibility around the efficiency of automobiles – including individuals which are second hands – it’s simpler than ever before to sort out precisely what tax band you fall under and, consequently, just how much you’ll pay yearly.

The banding does get reviewed regularly, actually there is a significant overhaul from the system lately to include a broader selection of groups to enhance the amount of specificity. There’s additionally a slightly different prices structure for cars which use alternative fuels, including hydrogen, electric automobiles and hybrids obviously. This really is generally £10 less expensive than the conventional one year cost and adjusts with similar 13 bands in the above list.

The costs and groups are unique to cars. Motorbikes and vans their very own taxation system and for that reason you will have to source particulars if you’re searching to budget ahead for the vehicle. It ought to be noted this is different towards the United kingdom, therefore other nations employ techniques used in using taxes to vehicle usage.

Vehicle proprietors may also pay 6 monthly if preferred, although this is just a little over half the one year cost, making the entire term less expensive. Let’s say you sell your vehicle or it’s wiped off, tax may also be refunded, having a pro rata amount calculated based on remaining full several weeks.

Basically though all cars fit easily into 13 fundamental amounts of tax, running from the to M. They are calculated on pollutants, using the cheapest being compensated with reduced annual costs.

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